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Kieren Gray real estate agent

Kieren Gray

Office: (03) 595 0709
Mobile: 021 363 944
Email: kieren.gray@bayleys.co.nz

Living in Christchurch for the majority of his life gives Kieren Gray a great depth of knowledge not only about the city but also the lifestyle on offer and the people. This coupled with over 9 years experience in the real estate industry and selling property on the Sunshine Coast in Australia where he was considered as one of the youngest, most influential identities in the Sunshine Coast property market; makes Kieren the agent of choice.

When Kieren isn’t in front of his clients you’ll find him spending time with his partner Mel & pug Sage. As his family live an active lifestyle more often than not they will be out and about enjoying what this wonderful coastline has to offer; forests, lakes, rivers mountains and endless beaches.

Regardless of Kieren’s achievements in the industry, Kieren would say ”I’m best known for my un-compromised service level when I’m working for clients and I can pour my heart into what I do and physically see the results on the faces of my clients. This is the achievement that means the most to me.”

Shaun Creek real estate agent

Shaun Creek

Office: (03) 595 0709
Mobile: 022 0344 769
Email: shaun.creek@bayleys.co.nz

Family is at the heart of everything for Shaun. It is certainly his ‘why’ for pursuing a career in real estate and is still his driving motivator. Shaun and his wife Lisa have two beautiful girls, Olive and Lola, who are the centre of all their enjoyment. Shaun works tirelessly to do ‘right’ by anyone that he comes into contact with, but, when away from work he loves nothing more than spending time at home with his young family or loading up the car boot and taking off on a family adventure.

For Shaun, real estate is all about playing the long game. Business is no different than any other part of his life – it’s all about engaging with people, building trust and forming meaningful relationships.

His philosophy is always centred around doing what is best by his clients and trusting in that doing so, it will stand him in good stead for the future.

Shaun firmly believes that skilled real estate agents add unmeasured value. His strengths in skillfully marketing a property to an identified target market and then employing his well-crafted negotiation skills at the pointy end of the transaction are the key to having a loyal legion of satisfied clients. Shaun attributes his strong negotiation, people and organisational skills down to the time he spent working as a primary school teacher in his previous career, a role he still misses from time to time.

Honesty, trust, a strong work ethic peered with an easy going and relatable personality have assisted in Shaun forging a highly successful career in real estate and no doubt, will ensure that he is a natural choice when you or someone you know contemplates engaging a real estate professional in the future.

Liam Worsfold real estate agent

Liam Worsfold

Office: (03) 595 0709
Mobile: 022 017 3606
Email: liam.worsfold@bayleys.co.nz

Christchurch born and bred, being back amongst his family and the lifestyle of Christchurch was a no-brainer for Liam when entering the real estate industry. In his previous role with the New Zealand Police in Wellington, Liam advanced his skills of negotiation, problem-solving and analysis which, in turn, gives him the ability to counter situations with a holistic approach. Always positive and forward thinking, real estate has allowed him to continue to develop these skills whilst dealing with clients. Very relatable and very down to earth, he understands that real estate is a ‘people industry’ and he loves getting in front of clients on a daily basis.

Outside of the office, Liam is very happily married to Caroline and the two share a mutual love of an active lifestyle, good food and wine, and the banter that ensues with a Crusader’s fanatic living with a Hurricanes tragic. A city-slicker at heart, he is known to frequent his in-law’s farm when he can and is infamous for his distinct ‘fish-out-of-water’ look but gets stuck in nonetheless.

His energy and enthusiasm towards clients is infectious and as cliche as it sounds, doing the best by people is what Liam prides himself on. Recent comments such as “…this is absolute testament to your integrity and decency” means far more to him than a flashy suit and a shiny car.