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Christchurch born and bred, being back amongst his family and the lifestyle of Christchurch was a no-brainer for Liam when entering the real estate industry. In his previous role with the New Zealand Police in Wellington, Liam advanced his skills of negotiation, problem-solving and analysis which, in turn, gives him the ability to counter situations with a holistic approach. Always positive and forward thinking, real estate has allowed him to continue to develop these skills whilst dealing with clients. Very relatable and very down to earth, he understands that real estate is a ‘people industry’ and he loves getting in front of clients on a daily basis.

Outside of the office, Liam is very happily married to Caroline and the two share a mutual love of an active lifestyle, good food and wine, and the banter that ensues with a Crusader’s fanatic living with a Hurricanes tragic. A city-slicker at heart, he is known to frequent his in-law’s farm when he can and is infamous for his distinct ‘fish-out-of-water’ look but gets stuck in nonetheless.

His energy and enthusiasm towards clients is infectious and as cliche as it sounds, doing the best by people is what Liam prides himself on. Recent comments such as “…this is absolute testament to your integrity and decency” means far more to him than a flashy suit and a shiny car.


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